Vatican Linda fur mosaic down jacket will be fashion in…

Winter is a cold season, warm clothing means a little, at the same time down jacket is also one of the winter trend of a single product, it is both warm and wild, is essential for each MM closet. Recently, a design and development by Fadlady rabbit fur coveralls down jacket began sweeping the count

When did the history of Chinese jewelry begin?

In China, as early as the Paleolithic period, people began to use stone ornaments to beautify their lives. In the middle and late stages of the Neolithic Age, a large number of stone tools, jade and gemstone crafts, such as jade and turquoise, were used to make beads, ring

2012 autumn and winter fashion color pants light mood

Leading Word: Deep winter is always a haze, is not how all feel depressed, heavy, and quickly put on a color pants, let the color to light your mood and wear. Red straight jeans are the most popular among fashionistas. Trousers-style tailoring can easily bring about a visually slimmer effect. High

Personalized retro wedge shoes show unique sexy

Ben Wang, November 27 hearing, fashion-conscious women must understand a lot of footwear fashion style, whether it is high-standard high-heeled shoes, or ever-changing wedges, or weird thick heeled shoes, designers as long as the Writes that follow up with minor changes will show different effects

Feba swimsuit 2013 spring and summer new pictures 2013 …

The temptation of the new spring-summer 2013 in Feba swimwear is both stylish and sexy. Elegant flowers and simple stripes are no longer boring. . . Feba swimwear 2013 spring and summer new pictures 2013 spring and summer swimwear new Feba swimwear 2013 spring and summer new The temptation of th

Song Tahi GOTOCI 2013 spring and summer catalog

Song of Tahiti -GOTOCI brand followed the essence of fashion design in Italy, so perfect fusion of art and commerce, distributing charm, fashion, representative of the trend, on the world fashion scene in vivid. 2013, Songtaxi spring and summer new positioning located in the 25-38 year-old urban f

La Chapelle 2012 winter women's La Chapelle 2012 co…

In autumn and winter 2012 T stage, fur is still a luxury material that designers love! This season, fur has become a must-have item for women's luxury. It can be used with exquisite luxury. The dress is the theme for girls. Even if it is winter, it will not be knocked back by the cold. La Chape