What are the optical effects of gems?

Gemstones are the crystallization of the earth's billions of years and the essence of minerals. Gemstones have some generalities such as: durability, beauty, and rare. However, there are some gems, and by virtue of their unique beauty, even in the absence of certain ge

Identification of dyed turquoise

The dyed turquoise encountered in daily testing is often accompanied by filling treatment. The dye is often mixed in artificial resin and filled into turquoise. The purely dyed turquoise is very rare. Therefore, when testing, we often detect the filling in the infrared spe

Which pajamas most sexy sexy underwear is recommended

Sexy, how to wear it sexy? Which style can enhance your sexy? In everyday wear, a slight perspective, a small flesh, a touch of wildness, etc., are quietly released belongs to your little sexy. However, in the pajamas, you will also be in the pursuit of sexy? What kind of 2015 summer pajamas can b

Sulfur dyeing

Sulfur dyes are insoluble in water and can be dissolved in a sulfuric alkali solution as a leuco chromophore and dyed on fibers. After oxidation, they are converted back to their original insoluble dyes and fixed to the fibers. The color of the sulphur dye is not bright enough, but the

How to join the French brand women how to join

With the continuous development of the market, the brand is more sought after by consumers. The overall market now looks more normative, but some products in the quality of serious but off, consumers in pursuit of quality, began to slowly choose the brand. In the brand shop, not only the quality a

Knitted fabrics of several technical knowledge

Heat setting of stereotyped fabric can be divided into dry and wet Dry heat setting: The fabric is heated in the heating chamber by hot air, the sealing degree is pulled to a certain size, after cooling out of the heating chamber, so that the temperature is reduced to the glass tran

MaxMara women's brand 2015 summer girlfriends with …

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