Men's business and leisure package ten brands

Men's business casual bag both business bag features, there are casual fashion bag and casual, it provides people with more taste of life philosophy and more life choices. At the same time with the more flexible. Business casual bag can be used with both formal wear, can also be used with casua

Fast fashion Noci Men's subscription by the perform…

In recent years, the Hong Kong-listed shares speculation in consumer stocks early, the simple reason that Christmas with the New Year are all consumer section, together with the ideal consumption data in 2013, the opportunity to speculation a turn. SZH made a fortune at the beginning of the year an

The difference between silk and rayon

Friends with skin allergies can hide from bedding such as chemical fiber, and many side effects have been recognized. But how can I confirm that the silk I bought is authentic? How can I identify counterfeit and inferior products made of chemical fiber such as rayon? The simplest point: Any &qu

Talent Men 2014 Talent Men's & Men's Wear F…

Since its founding in 1983, based on the 5,000 years of Chinese culture, we persist in the artistic presentation of cultural elements and cultural impressions in our products and tailor our elegant and restrained fashion dresses for modern genius. In 2014, we will target urban fashion men and cre

Business men's autumn and winter with how to choose…

Men's autumn and winter seasons coat coat seems to be not a problem, not a jacket is woolen coat. And with the link, it seems that made a difficult. The face of colorful sweaters or sweaters, what should be how to choose, in order to be reasonable with coat coat with it? (Source: Gold Fox 2013

Legend of crystal

The purest thing in the world is the crystal clear crystal. It is often compared to the tears of a masculine girl, the stars of the summer night, the crystallization of the wisdom of the saints, the essence of all things in the earth; it is also hailed as a never-falling s

Which section of the fur vest is good with how to look …

Winter office are heated, such a temperature wearing shirts or coats are not appropriate. Or choose a fur vest it. Thousands of Hui vest fur quality, exquisite workmanship, well-tailored, is not to be missed a warm heart single product. Fur vest how to make the trend of the wind it? Move the mouse