What are the types of curtains?

What are the types of curtains?

There are many types of curtains. Next, the small series is divided according to the raw materials and the styles, so as to clarify the types of curtains.

According to different raw materials division <br> <br> velvet curtains

Environmental health; fashionable, clean cotton cloth curtains strong <br> <br> easy dye and fiber chemical reaction, can penetrate deep into the depths of the fiber, soft, drape well, the opposite of dark colored fabric, color fastness

The curtain has good moisture permeability and soft handfeel. As a fabric of curtain fabric, it also has a certain effect of adsorbing dust in the air; it lacks elasticity and is not crisp, and is easy to wrinkle after washing;

Plastic aluminum blinds

The blinds have good shading effect and strong ventilation, but the effect of blocking mosquitoes and flies is not better than that of fabric curtains. Therefore, the blinds are more suitable to be installed in the kitchen of the home, and the water can be washed away with water.

Wood blinds

Wood woven curtains can create a feeling of returning to the original, divided into wood, bamboo, woven, and rattan. Wood woven curtains can be used in homes to show style and taste. It is basically opaque but has good air permeability and is suitable for use in pure natural style homes.

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