What are the five kings of coins?

What are the five kings of coins? In recent days, Mr. Liu, a collector of coin collectors, called the newspaper and asked for help. He said that during the process of collecting coins, he had heard the sayings of the “Five Heavenly Kings” and “Four Little Dragons” of the coin, but I do not know exactly why?

Through investigation by reporters, it was learned that from 1955 to 1992, China issued a total of more than 70 hard coins in different years. The coin collection industry is currently popularly known as the “Four Little Dragons” and the “Five Heavenly Kings”. Among them, the “four little dragons” refer to 1 cent in 1955, 1957, and 1992, and 2 cents in 1992; the “five kings” are 1 in 1981, 2 in 1980, and 1979 and 1980. , 5 points in 1981. Both of these currencies are currently hot springs and their collection value is extremely significant.

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