Warmly celebrate the opening of Vanneal Shandong Weihai shop!

Celebrate Kaoru Nye children Vanneal Shandong Weihai store opening!
Kaifuner Vanneal Shandong Weihai Harbor Commercial Building on March 8 grand opening!


Hong Kong Kanet Neil company is a design, development, production and sales as one of the Hong Kong-owned enterprises, enterprises to expand the domestic market, the development of brand line, create "Vanneal Kaner children" fashion brand. On the product, the company invested a considerable effort, a collection of a group of professional and technical product design team, and design as a leader, to create internationally renowned women's brand as the goal. The company focuses on the franchise chain network construction, direct marketing and franchising to expand the market. "Vanneal Fu Chennai" women located in the urban 25-38-year-Old white-collar workers, they aspire to fashion, the pursuit of fashion, but at the same time introverted, not exaggerated, they are sensual and have a certain cultural accomplishment, Their unique temperament.


Franchisee requires a good business reputation, business ethics and integrity-based business philosophy; emphasis on teamwork and good communication; with stores management experience and brand awareness, have a certain economic base; to fully understand, understand, accept And executive headquarters set the concept of franchising model and method of shop requirements of the most prosperous Commercial Street and the famous shopping malls, the area varies according to the size of the city; requirements store 40-100 square meters, the door width of not less than 4 meters, the mall Special Hall / cabinet area of ​​30 square meters and above.

Advantages of joining Join "VANNEAL" will get the company brand, business philosophy, investment budget, construction services, staff training, product preparation, media promotion, store display, logistics co-ordination, regular visits and Other support.

Price positioning spring and summer: 138-498 yuan / piece autumn and winter: 198-880 yuan / piece

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