Valentine's Day hold hold of cold Mia Xi together with you to love in the end

Just after the Lantern Festival, Valentine's Day is approaching, this year's Valentine's Day seems to be more cold than in previous years, but the wind is cold, rain though, the temperature is low, for love or waiting for love, people are still full of expectations , Most want to do in this peach month is to make myself look all the charm all the time, waiting for the emergence of real life. On Valentine's day how to create an unparalleled you, the beautiful network Xiaobian for your wonderful introduction, Ms. Casey fashion women with fashion, hold together to live in the cold, let the romantic fashion atmosphere washed away the cold! 2012 Valentine's Day, and Ms Sonia Women will love in the end!


Sweatshirt Story, beautiful age, warm, fresh and supple bright fabric, feels down there feather-like texture it! Caps with boil tops, into the popular elements of the moment, but also very stylish atmosphere of warmth, wearing such a lovely coat, so how can he not heart?

情人节Hold住寒冷 蜜西娅与你一起将爱情进行到底

Cold wind, even Valentine's Day also for the warm and struggle, zipper placket design, the cold are isolated outside, diagonal pocket warm wrapped your little hand, so that you are fully armed, cute Puff Sleeve design, Elegant and yet lovely, with a belt at the waist, adding femininity and softness, so petite MM easy choice long cotton, beautiful colors, so you do a sweetheart beauty on Valentine's Day!

情人节Hold住寒冷 蜜西娅与你一起将爱情进行到底

The highlights of the clothes are mainly concentrated in the collar, three-dimensional flower collar design, full of ladylike temperament, the use of high waist design, mainly to make the proportion of the wearer a bit more perfect, warm and with a sense of quality fabrics, warm colors to create a romantic Atmosphere, let you go where are a landscape, in this Valentine's Day is approaching, beauty how can you easily missed?

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