Teach you how to remove the glass glue?

[China Glass Net] Removing glass glue is something that must be done after the decoration of the house, but the removal of glass glue is also a certain skill. Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand how to remove the glass glue.

How to remove glass glue:

The so-called glue, connector, or glue, everyone knows that it is easier to clean when not curing, no matter where it is glued, clothes, body, utensils; some need only gently wipe with a rag, add some water Oh, it's easy to remove, so it's easier to clean without curing.

How to remove glass glue method two:

When you install the glass on these relatively smooth items, accidentally get the glass glue, you can use a knife or a blade to gently scrape off; need to pay attention to this is a little manual technique, do not shave your own glass It took me.

How to remove glass glue method three:

Different glass glues have different properties. For example, acid glass glue and neutral glass glue, the chemical contained in it is different; it is not possible to use the same removal method, otherwise it is easy to cause unexpected regret, it is very bad.

How to remove the glass glue method four:

You can try to remove it with banana water, because one of the main ingredients in banana water is “butyl acetate”, and butyl acetate has a “ban of banana”, which is the name of banana water; pure banana water micro Soluble in water, can be effectively dissolved in various organic solvents, the effect is good.

How to remove glass glue method five:

Use nail polish. The usage is also the same as alcohol acetone, and the effect is very good. Nail polish does not require quality, good or general, as long as it can wash away the nail polish. After all, the nature of nail polish itself is similar to that of glass glue, and it is also a type that is difficult to clean after being in a solid state with high viscosity.

After reading the introduction of Xiaobian, do you know how to remove the glass glue? I hope this article will guide you in the post-renovation work.

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