Simba children's clothing brand singing happy childhood

On the T stage, which reveals the breath of African grasslands, cute children are showing off new clothes and “Hakuna Matata” is written in various places like mysterious spells. Here, it is the brand's inspiration from the Simba, the classic animated film Lion King.

Simba children's clothing brand singing happy childhood

Simba, a story-telling brand: The family of three lions live on the vast African savannah. The name of the lion is Simba. Mom and Dad love it very much. When the lion mother bred Little Simba, the tribe The elders used magical wands to give Simba brave, wisdom, and enterprising qualities. They just forgot to give it happiness. After the birth, Xiao Simba is almost perfect, but he is not happy.

There was an ancient legend circulating: Finding "Hakuna Matata" will find happiness. In order to make Simba happy, friends decided to take Simba to find happiness. They went to ask the tribal elders: "Hakuna Matata" where? The elders smiled and pointed to the distant Mount Kilimanjaro.

Simba and Pelican embarked on an adventure journey to find happiness. The road encountered funny wild boars, robust zebras, good elephants, and wisdom. They all lived a happy life. Simba and Yi Feel the ease and joy that have never been before. When they finally climbed the summit of Kilimanjaro, overlooking the land of East Africa, Simba made a smile from his heart??

Simba, a brand that specializes in public welfare activities: Unlike other brands, Simba has no celebrity endorsements, no CCTV advertising, but quietly doing many public welfare activities, sending gifts to remote elementary schools in the village. Beautiful new clothes, let the children feel happy, happy growth.

Simba, a happy brand: Simba’s idea is a Western proverb “Hakuna Matata”. Everyone who works in Simba is happy and volunteers to pass this happiness on to them. everyone. Simbaji uses natural designs such as zebras, rhinoceros, and flamingos as elements, and combines fashion styles such as African style dances, wood carvings, masks and other artistic charms to create a natural fashion retro, allowing each child to be dressed while being personalized. Feel unparalleled happiness.

Xinba's parent company, Ningbo Ningao Clothing Co., Ltd., was established in 2001. It specializes in the design, production and trade of professional children's wear enterprises. It has more than 1,200 employees and annual sales of 40 million US dollars. The company is in the design and development, quality management. , Production control and other aspects have strong strength and rich experience. Brand positioning: 3-12 year old personality group (2500px-3750px) who pursues fashion and happiness. Brand spirit: dedication, enterprising, happy and efficient.

According to Zeng Shenghuan, the deputy general manager of Zimba, “There are three elements in Simba's children's clothing style: retro, nature, and fashion. The kids who are now weird are dressed up as cute 'little adults'.”

Since its inception, Ning'ao Clothing has been doing OEM work for children's wear abroad, and has achieved an efficient production level through international safety standards. In more than ten years, Xinba呐呐, a children's wear brand sponsored by Ning-ao, has unique advantages in terms of product safety and quality assurance. Therefore, what Simba will bring to children will not only be happiness, but also include one of the most important genes: safety. This is also the most important factor for Chinese parents. Simbaji gave an account to the children and gave them peace of mind.

Under the influence of separate two-child policy and other factors, the children's wear market has a broad space in the future. However, referring to the future plan of Simba, Zhuang Shenghuan laughs and says: “Bringing children happy and healthy childhood.”

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