Romantic Season underwear to join the brand to teach you five selected thermal underwear

Blink of an eye has entered the late autumn, the weather is getting cooler, thermal underwear gradually into everyone's vision, but how to choose a good thermal underwear it? Here, the romantic season underwear chain to join the brand to answer your questions :


A look at the fabric: a piece of underwear inside and outside the material is good or bad, the key is to affect the comfort of wearing. Currently on the market thermal underwear can be high, medium and low three categories, the use of the fabric 40 cotton, 32 cotton, polyester cotton (cotton content of 30% to 40%), pure chemical fiber And so on, including the use of more than 40 inner and outer surface of the cotton products are excellent, and its softness, fineness, breathability, gloss are better, and will not pilling after washing fluffy, long-term wear There will be clothing broken silk, spinning phenomenon.

Second, listen to the sound: Old-fashioned thermal underwear is added in the thermal lining of a thin layer of hot-melt film (commonly known as PVC plastic film) way to enhance the wind resistance, but this product is prone to issue a "rustle" sound, And breathable affected, there will be "hot feeling", easy to play static. A new generation of thermal underwear products, the use of new materials, new technology to replace the hot melt film, basically to overcome the above shortcomings. Just gently jitter or light hand when buying, listen to see if there is?


Three to feel: high-quality underwear in the middle of the insulation layer using ultra-fine fibers (diameter less than? 1.2 wire) weaving, clothing is soft and comfortable and have good thermal properties, hand kneading, feel supple, and no foreign body sensation. Intermediates carding, the composite process is also more advanced, the surface of the clothing and intermediates sense of unity, wearing performance is better. ?

Four to test the flexibility: a new generation of thermal underwear health care, antibacterial and other multi-functional development, pay more attention to the development of the human body in line with contemporary aesthetic concepts of new products, one of the major breakthrough is to make thermal underwear with excellent resilience. This underwear and fabric in the end are joined the Lycra, the inner core of the highly elastic polymer, although the price is higher than ordinary products, but wear on the body, personal feel good, no bloated feeling, the joints Activities are also very comfortable.


Five brands to choose: well-known production of underwear, from the selection of raw materials, spinning, weaving, dyeing, compounding, sewing to the factory inspection, all aspects of the process must be strictly controlled so that the product's warmth, breathability and antibacterial , Flexibility and other indicators are in line with standards. Therefore, consumers buy thermal underwear, first look at the price, while looking at features, should focus on the purchase of strong, brand excellence, reputable business products to ensure that no worries after the purchase.

Underwear shopping is good or bad, will affect your mood throughout the winter. So, here, the romantic season lingerie franchise brand also hope that everyone can choose to satisfy everyone underwear.

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