Raw materials fell, manufacturers followed, Polyester went weak

The market price of polyester filaments in the East China market weakened. Some manufacturers lowered their prices, and POY, DTY, and FDY products all showed different adjustments. Polyester filament POY products offer price reduction, Taicang area two manufacturers are down some of the specifications 100 yuan / ton, Tongxiang manufacturers offer down 150 yuan / ton, Xiaoshan manufacturers transaction discount, now POY150D/48F offer 11,650 yuan / ton; polyester filament DTY The market goes down, Tongxiang Plant 1 offer down 100 yuan / ton, now DTY150D/48F offer 13,100 yuan / ton; polyester filament FDY market also went down, Shaoxing manufacturers offer 100-200 yuan / ton down, Xiaoshan, a factory price adjustment 100-200 yuan / ton, now FDY150D/96F offer 12,050 yuan / ton. Manufacturers reflected slight increase in production and sales yesterday. The polyester filament market in Shengze and Jiaxing still appears to be sluggish, the transaction volume appears to be general, and the shipments of polyester staples are uneven, and the price trend shows a weak market. For example, Taicang has some specifications of polyester yarn products down 100 yuan/ton. The market of polyester filament in Shaoxing market continued to weaken. Currently, the price of FDY silk products from the local factory has generally dropped by RMB 100/ton, and the current FDY 150D/96F offer price falls at RMB 12,100/ton.

Some manufacturers of polyester filaments do not have obvious price adjustments. They often quietly cut their prices in the afternoon. Due to poor market conditions, other manufacturers are sensitive to changes in prices of individual manufacturers. The phenomenon of falling prices is not uncommon. In addition, the stable price of manufacturers has continued for more than a month and the quotation is much higher. The market price also chooses to adjust the price; in addition, the price of polyester raw material has a great influence on the price of polyester filament, and the price drop of polyester raw material also has an impact on the price drop of polyester filament.

At present, the purchase of downstream enterprises is still very cautious. The lack of purchasing power to support the polyester filament market is not optimistic. The current situation of production and sales of spinning plants is uneven, and the upstream raw materials are adjusted downwards. The spinning factory has high polyester filament stocks to strive for market share. Let prices promote the market will be delayed, most people believe that the overall outlook of the polyester futures market will continue the trend of weakness, does not rule out the silk price will have a slight drop in the process.

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