QUEENSTORY Women's wear temperament wear out OL workplace beauty autumn

QUNEN STORY QUNEN STORY QUEEN STORY brand "Queen's Legend", is a collection of women's clothing design, production and sales for the main business of women's clothing company, brand Founded in South Korea in 1958, South Korea was the early development of high-end women's brand in 2005, QUEEN STORY received the support of South Korea's G & C companies, began to take the international development route, the establishment of a more professional international design studio and garment processing base, Into the European and American markets. 2011 QUEEN STORY China headquarters is completed in Beijing, and the establishment of garment processing plants, will integrate European and Asian style QUEEN STORY Korean classic fashion women fully introduced to the Chinese market. In the business model, QUEEN STORY to brand stores in the form of franchise stores in various regions of the country to expand rapidly expanding brand influence.


QUEEN STORY follow the "exquisite elegance, fashion distinguished" personality characteristics, based on innovative thinking, knot Eurasian style and style of director, for urban intellectual, elegant and fashionable professional women and is designed for business and leisure suitable Real wear boutique fashion, is the ideal fashion urban women's clothing.


With a strong design team and accurate market information, QUEEN STORY has introduced a series of fashionable ladies' clothes that meet the aesthetic taste of Chinese professional women in China and are deeply loved by the mainstream consumer groups. At the same time to adapt to the Chinese market prices, franchise in China OEM franchise processing rate adjusted to 80%, more market competitiveness. QUEEN STORY has gradually become the representative brand of middle and high-end fashion women in the world through its achievements in the international market over the years and will have a greater impact and influence on the international women's market.

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