Park Crane Emperor children's clothing spring 2014Q1Q2 spring and summer fair will be closed

August 24 to August 26, 2013, "poly change" - Parkland Emperor Spring and summer 2014Q1Q2 orders will be held in Beijing Jinjiang Fuyuan Hotel successfully concluded. This year is to send Kelan Dili children's clothing set up 19 years, but also to send Kelan brand remodeling of the year. In this order meeting, Patrick King, CEO of Caterpillar, gave a profound explanation on the theme of "gathering" and "change" of this order meeting: gathering mental resources and reforming the existing business model; fighting with brands and affiliates , Each changing to enhance the two parties together in good faith and common prosperity and create long-win win mode. At the same time, he also encouraged franchisees to accept changes, meet changes, make use of changes, and actively cope with the current market environment. In 2014, Parkland's spring and summer children's wear products mainly include several series such as "play style", "fun color" and "challenge limit". In addition, the series of dress which embodies the girl's temperament is specially introduced. Parkland brand re-branding, the design elements extended from the brand culture is applied to the season's clothing, "96" is one of the most prominent element, 19 96 is the year of the birth of Piedmont fish , "96" this figure will also be forever in the kingdom of Parklain Emperor. The launch of these models is a tribute to Parkland the twentieth anniversary of the establishment of the emperor, but also on the Parkland brand design concept innovation and focus. The order will, in order to give you the franchisee to show the effect of a new three-dimensional image of the store, sent Crane Emperor deliberately set up in the order of 50 square meters model shop, elegant and simple European style, full of cultural sense of soft props and vivid The model group will show the perfect clothing display in front of each partner, so that they have a new brand image has a profound perception. 2014Q1Q2 Parkland Dili spring summer order will still service to the franchisee has made a commitment: professional marketing plan to provide more professional marketing planning marketing support, including the opening of new stores, new products, marketing and other promotional programs, Supervise on-site guidance to help improve rapidly. In addition, the company will co-ordinate all kinds of markets and brand activities, television, Internet, print and other advertising, improve Parkland brand children's awareness and reputation. Standard and uniform image design support Parkland grand image display department will be free to provide for the franchise stores container image and VM display and other aspects of the design and guidance to the terminal store form a complete visual system. Intimate service promptly solve problems in a timely manner The company set up professional departments, in particular, each franchise stores the image, display and sales and other closely monitored, and shop management and other aspects of in-depth guidance for the franchise shop staff to provide training support. One of the ultimate goals of these services is to enable each franchisee to improve shop performance with the support of Parkland. 2014Q1Q2 Pineland Spring / Summer Order will come to an end this early autumn afternoon. Distributors from all over the world are returning fruitful and exciting as autumn fruits. As a leader in the beautiful lifestyle of a new metropolitan family for 19 years, Parkland has always adhered to its professionalism and provided all its partners with the best products for their children to grow with confidence!