【Modern New Store】 Modern Tianjin Baodi shop is about to open Please look forward to

Modern Fang Baodi District of Tianjin new store is about to open, modern Fang underwear, all staff wish in advance Yang sister business is booming, opened. Fashion elites are welcome to open your wealth hotline, adding modern Fang, set off a wave of underwear industry.


Baodi has always been a commercial place. It belongs to the northern part of North China Plain, is located in Beijing, Tianjin, Tang Triangle, near the Bohai Bay. Modern Fang underwear also seized the opportunity to successfully enter the treasure ä¼ , for the local women to pass more body sculpting a single product. Modern French style underwear European style, trendy modern. Natural and environmentally friendly fabrics, women have brought a full range of care. Women love themselves, starting from the choice of good underwear, distributed from the inside out temperament.

【摩登新店】摩登芳天津宝坻店即将开业 敬请期待

Summer of July, colorful July, but also quickly show their own body, sexy and charming you are a new generation of people. Modern aromatic underwear, it is such an unrivaled upper body effect. Here, welcome customers to visit Baofeng District, the new modern shop, the opening day, a lot of concessions, a lot of gifts.

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