Mark Fairwhale JEANS autumn and winter 2012 "Fair Isle" conference

On the 25th, the fashion brand Mark Fairwhale JEANS · autumn and winter 2012 "Fair Isle" conference was held in Beijing Exhibition Hall. Inspired by the relationship between man and nature, "Fair Isle" is a golden wheat field that is constantly changing. The old, waxy cotton cloth has a great appeal. The green symbolizes trees and adventure. The yellow symbolizes sunshine and vitality. Mark Fairwhale JEANS autumn and winter 2012 "Fair" conference held Mark Fairwhale JEANS 2012 autumn and winter "Fair" conference held Whether it is Fair Isle sweaters, uniform flu woolen coat, or flower yarn section woolen suit, In the regular black and white color, the casual cotton suits in the color checkerboard are integrated into the warm earthy colors, making the products feel natural and warm in this season. In winter, the new life with vintage taste is explained with notes, New wave.

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