Low-key deep V temptation, if the Mayfair sexy little trick to get a

For the winter, "do not reveal not skinny" pro, the north wind and then howling also can not resist the ultimate pursuit of the deep V, when you think ordinary bra style tired, may wish to send a low profile in the winter Deep V temptation. If the Mayfair sexy little trick, one is enough.


Usually we can not wear a beautiful underwear bra type because the gathering strength is not enough, if the Mayfair underwear according to the requirements of women shaping, using 5/8 cup type, increase the width of the chicken heart bit and under the grid, with invisible Two-way role of the steel ring, the chest line up first lift, and then widened by the lateral ratio and stereotypes soft bone from both sides to the middle boost, the underarm underage and excess fat all allocated to the chest, which Make the chest size more full, sexy cleavage also easily presented.

低调的深V诱惑 若然菲儿性感小招一件搞定

For women who are already plump breasts, the lack of a good underwear to gather the chest up, and many people because they feel good chest shape and ignore the selection of underwear. For such women in fact choose the general 3/4 cup can, and this type of cup can make your chest look more full, towering, the perfect hemisphere effect can be well presented. Of course, we must also pay attention to the side and the location of shoulder and ears, to be able to heal Fu Yan Caixing.

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