Karen Mok "Mo after generation" tour concert costumes by Natsuki Chen build

夏姿陈 - Shiatzy Chen

The positive concept of innovation is fantastic

Karen Mok since his debut, has always upheld a positive working attitude and changing performance style, and Xia Zi · Chen for innovation and change in the international arena based on the concept of convergence; as early as March this year, Karen Mok especially fly to Paris to attend the summer pose · Chen 2013 autumn and winter fashion show, showing the love of the brand. In June of the same year, she chose Ronnie Scott's, a jazz temple in London, England, where she was dressed in a deep blue V Halter dress. The audience was not only concerned about the wonderful voice of Karen Mok, but also the hand-stitched Plexiglas satin crystal beads embroidered dress impressed, the perfect presentation of the ultimate visual and auditory feast. Followed by Karen Mok more invited in the same month for the thirty-fifth anniversary of Natalie Chen wonderful feast of Beijing feast, the night again Choi Xia Zi Chen low neck around the neck of the golden lace evening dress singing, charming voice once again successfully conquered The audience.


Design Director Wang Chen Caixia personally fencing "after" costume with the celebration

In preparation for the 20th anniversary of the 20th anniversary of a series of performances, the pursuit of perfect Karen Mok for the modeling requirements, of course, also diligent, this special cooperation, please many times SHIATZY CHEN Natsuki Chen design director Wang Chen Caixia, for the upcoming concert tour Will design stage clothing. From the choice of fabric, outlining the details and details of the embellishment, Wang Chen Caixia Karen Mok 20 years with a variety of genres and variations of design for the design, is expected to "Diablo", "Yao Jin" and "neon" and other colors to create a performance Costumes, integration SHIATZY CHEN Natsuki Chan hand classic oriental elements and Western three-dimensional cut, will highlight the sexy curve of Karen Mok, I believe will be able to once again create an extraordinary audio-visual feast.

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