【Jia Zi Laier】 fashion and leisure combined JZLAER 2015 winter new express


Stylish casual style is popular in the trend of the world, expensive first-line brand began to infiltrate the luxurious materials in the design of casual style, the general public love to use professional sports and leisure brands will add more fashion elements. Leisure and fashion, the past two diametrically opposite fashion style, has now been blending more sophisticated and beautiful. Jia Zi Lyle (JZLAER) launched a new series of winter, leisure habits as a starting point, the combination of leisure and just the right fashion, the favorite leisure sunlight girl can be more modern, while advocating the brand name of high-income groups, but also by leisure Blending material to show young youth traits.

【珈姿莱尔】时尚与休闲的结合 JZLAER 2015冬新品速递

[Classic never ending]

Pure and elegant style, combined with simple cut and popular gray, showing the classic and modern, classic color splicing, fishtail-style hem, wearing the body, the sense of fashion is self-evident, every detail into Fashionable blood, so that clothes more agile

【珈姿莱尔】时尚与休闲的结合 JZLAER 2015冬新品速递

【Simple and stylish】

Comfortable, concise, fit requirements, reflected in the details and color trends, ergonomic personal tailoring, it is to create Jiazi Lyle (JZLAER) "fashion leisure" key elements. Simple and elegant neckline is the favorite ladies fashion, waist design, highlighting the charming S curve.

【珈姿莱尔】时尚与休闲的结合 JZLAER 2015冬新品速递

With casual air layer of fabric throughout the entire series, through hand-decorated, stitching to complete the combination of soft and casual. JZLAER skirt on the fashion air fabric after compound treatment, after exquisite handmade decoration, so gray dress skirt full of fashion, elegant sense.

【珈姿莱尔】时尚与休闲的结合 JZLAER 2015冬新品速递

We use the latest air layer fabric

In the fabric, this year the most popular layer of air. Air layer materials are polyester, polyester spandex, polyester spandex, etc. I believe the air layer fabric can be more and more loved by consumers at home and abroad, Jia Zi Laier Europe's top production technology, the long fibers towards staple fiber improvement, Making polyester fiber retains its own crisp feeling, shape retention, easy care, not easy to fade advantages, but also make it has the cotton breathability and mulberry silk gloss.

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