Jade identification to avoid four collection misunderstandings

Gu Fang, a researcher at the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, director of the Academic Research Department of the China Collectors Association, and deputy secretary-general of the Jade Committee of the Chinese Cultural Relics Society, said that in general, the choice of jade articles depends first on the materials and techniques, and then on the characteristics of the times and masters. Style, as well as possible imitation and forgery features, all require Tibetans to accumulate in practice. To tell the tricks, you have to talk about the specific materials, shapes, times, crafts and counterfeiting. Generally speaking, skills can be misleading. But there are some basic points that can make Tibetans avoid being fooled.

First, we must have basic knowledge and judgment; second, when we buy, we are neither stubborn nor impulsive; third, we are not touched by the story that is fabricated; Fourth, we have a certain psychological endurance, no matter whether the artifacts obtained are genuine or not, Have enough mental preparations; five, invest with spare cash; six, open-minded to the objective and impartial experts to ask.

In addition, the first-time collectors must seek help from the professional appraisal agencies approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, use their strength to avoid losses, or learn from the jade carving masters, from the source of creation.

The ancients said, "There are four main misunderstandings I have seen in the identification process. I try my best to avoid these misunderstandings. It is also a jade collection technique."

The first is to seek beauty. Many people have deviated from the objective age standard of jade when collecting ancient jade, and it is wrong to pursue something big and beautiful. When buying jade articles, especially high ancient jade, do not require big beauty, you must first look at the standard device. Contemporary jade is also a small hand piece, brand, pendant mostly, large furnace bottles, mountains, ornaments are relatively few.

Second, it is cheap. Gao Guyu is very expensive, it is impossible to get cheap, and the price of contemporary jade has also risen to a very high level. Although the price in the jade market has changed a lot, in general, every three months to half a year, there will be a roughly accepted price in the market. If the jade is lower than this price, you should pay more attention to it. psychological.

The third is too urgent. Contemporary society is full of impetuous atmosphere, and many people hope to gather wealth quickly. If you collect in such a state of mind, the collections of things, size, color, materials, processing, and prices are basically the same in a few years, and that is not true.

The fourth is to listen to the story. The seller or the middleman said that it was dug out of the tomb, or that the ancestors uploaded it, could not listen, or judged by their own eyesight.

According to the ancients, from the perspective of the development of the collection industry, the collection with the main purpose of investment will eventually give way to collectors in the true sense. Mature collectors can correctly understand the possessions, truly love the collection of art, and truly understand the cultural spirit of the collection. It is precisely a big wish of the connoisseurs in the industry to guide Tibetans to enhance their collection ideas and tastes and promote the sublimation of the collection culture.

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