Italian brand Nubei Men's largest flagship store opened in Ningbo, China

The famous Italian brand Nubeida Men will open the largest flagship store in China to date with a total area of ​​more than 260 square meters on the second floor of the Ningbo Yihe Shopping Center on September 18th. September 24, a small opening reception will be staged Roberta di Camerino Nobel fashion men's autumn and winter 2011 Fashion Show. The store's exterior design and display maintain the same as Nobel designed for the men's but without losing the noble noble, the entire store can not see any extra furnishings, but all the time do not make people feel honored. Brushed metal, leather, wood spray paint Is the material constituting the entire store, I believe these are also an indispensable element of any high-end clothing brand stores, but in the Nubeida Men's Ningbo shop, we found that these elements are rearranged to form a combination, it is no longer just Composition, but a high degree of integration. "The tube in the jungle, see a little", through the design of this store, we come to know Nubei men, I believe we can get more accurate judgments by the famous Italian designer Giuliana Camerino founded in 1947 High-end brand Roberta di Camerino Nubei Men series in 2007 by the Shanghai Xin Chi Garments Co., Ltd. formally introduced into China. Roberta di Camerino Nubeida men's brand carries a fashion is an art, art is a lifestyle design concept will be elegant and noble, pop and classic perfect fusion, leading people into the incomparable fashion hall, enjoy the quality of life belt The status that art brings to life. Precious ingredients Achieve unparalleled value and quality, innovative fabrics are the only unique original flower. To Roberta di Camerino men's series officially landed in the Chinese market, stylish and very tasteful design immediately by all walks of life fashion men of all ages and follow. As of January 2010, Roberta di Camerino Men's 46 counters have been spread across 19 provinces, cities and municipalities in China. Occupy such as Shanghai Grand Gateway, Nanjing Golden Eagle International Shopping Center, Hangzhou Tower Mall, North Street, Chongqing days, Shenzhen Jin Guanghua Square, Beijing Cuiwei Square Shopping Center, Zhengzhou Dennis department stores and other first-tier cities in the country's high-end shopping malls. Today, Roberta di Camerino Nubei men's Ningbo Yoshitaka will open for all local fashion lovers, follow the quality of life for men to bring a new dress model. Product Description Nubeida autumn and winter men re-interpretation of the soft and energetic British style side. Collar and fabric selection is the biggest highlight of this season, the use of deformation of the small collar collar collar, collar-shaped exquisite, popular green collar, handsome fashion, the neckline in the opening angle of the lines made adjustments and changes, low-key style Introverted, version of the classic, details of the original. Early autumn When we put the cool summer to go, wear autumn clothes, Cardigan T is the gentleman must not miss the choice. Cardigan long season T Whether fabric, pattern, material, details have become rich and colorful. The unique pattern of velvet fabric, will be harmonious color, silky texture show most vividly; improved knitted flocking fabric, more sophisticated and comfortable, stylish atmosphere during the show; with a change of fashion jacquard past silky fabric gives a business Impression, innovative weave, unique texture effect; digital printing technique is also a continuation of the season a design element. In the transition from hot to cool in the early autumn season, the elegance of this season's series of design concepts and coincide, there are surviving fashion elements of warmth, but also gradually sediment in the elegant atmosphere, the two clever combination of design fashion taste of the early autumn dress .

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