It is a violation to stop waiting for a safe island and a crossing to cross the bicycle lane and the zebra crossing.

The widened straight bicycle and pedestrian stop line will be moved forward along the side of the horizontal bicycle lane and widened to the right until intersecting with the right turn lane. This allows the straight-through bicycles and pedestrians to move in more than three times when the green light is released, and shortens the queue waiting for the red light. The bicycle and pedestrian stop lines that were previously moved and widened are on the opposite side. The safe island safe island is set up at the four corners of the intersection for bicycles and pedestrians to stop. The left line is adjacent to the right side of the straight motorway. The right rear line, that is, the left line of the right turn of the motor vehicle is the oblique side, and the stop line of the front bicycle and pedestrian is the opposite side. Then use the pedestrian zebra crossing to connect the four safe corners of the corner, so that when the bicycle and pedestrian crossing, stop at the safe island and walk in the zebra crossing between the bicycle lane and the two safe islands. This ensures the safety of bicycles and pedestrian crossings from the road facilities, and ensures the smoothness of the car crossings.

On the traffic rules, the red light stops and the green light remains unchanged. But straight bicycles and pedestrian crossings can only walk in the zebra crossing between the bicycle lane and the two safe islands. It is a violation of the bicycle lane and the zebra crossing when exiting the safe island and crossing at the waiting time. In the same way, straight and right-turning motor vehicles press bicycle lanes or zebra crossings and safety islands are also illegal. The rule of turning left to the bicycle crossing is from the car to the pedestrian, when the green light is released, turn left the bicycle from the safe island waiting for the stop, follow the straight bicycle and pedestrian walking the zebra crossing to the opposite safe island, wait for the other side to change After the lights are released, follow the pedestrians and go straight to the opposite safety island to complete the left turn. The left-turning bicycle that goes with the pedestrians can't complete the left turn once, but when you have to wait for one more light, take the compensation of a safe island. There is a crossover problem when the red light is on, in order to reduce the waiting time and divert the left-turning bicycle. Because the bicycles and pedestrians who go straight are not only large but also antegrade, the left-turn bicycles are not only small but also retrograde. Therefore, the left-turn bicycles cannot go straight to the bicycle lanes, and only the left side of the zebra crossing, and Avoid pedestrians.

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