Identification of fake jade

As the techniques of dealing with jade are constantly being introduced, it is becoming more and more difficult to identify jade. Among them, the way of jade injection has also changed: the transition from low-strength organic glue to high-strength organic glue.

Jade injection is a key step to improve the transparency of Jade B and B+C. In the past, when the B-injection of the jade bracelet was used, the general resin-based organic glue was mainly used. Its characteristics are: low strength, low hardness, but good fluidity, very easy to fill. Therefore, the appearance of the surface of the jade B goods is very low, the sound when hitting the B goods will be very dull, it is very easy to identify the jade; and now the strength of the organic glue filled with the B jade is higher, resulting in the jade B goods Like the A goods, the surface gloss is improved, and the sound produced when hitting the B goods becomes crisp and pleasing. Therefore, when identifying jade, you can't just rely on both knocking and gloss.

Luggage Non-woven Fabric

The shopping bag non-woven fabric as raw material, receive box and receive a box cloth, have qualitative light, environmental protection, moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, flame retardant, non-toxic, no stimulation, recycled etc, is internationally recognized protection of the earth's ecological environmental protection product, this kind of non-woven products using ink printing, beautiful and easy, vivid, avirulent insipidity, no volatile, more ink printing more environmentally clean, fully meet the environmental requirements of the modern people.

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