How women wear underwear out of their own sense of charm and style million

Woman, sometimes elegant, manners, sometimes charm, style million, in addition to the choice of clothing, underwear can be described as the primary contributor. So a woman do not ignore the unexpected surprises brought underwear, from now on, carefully selected for each of your baby treat it.


Figure: Pandan Duo if underwear

Underprinted underwear sets, powerful gather functional bra, high chicken heart elevating the chest curve, shaping full round chest type, widening side and high ear earring double effect; high waist underwear hip abdomen, Calm abdominal extra fat, piercing stupor figure.


Figure: Pandan Duo if underwear

Black underwear has always been the favorite color of female friends, it is also not easy to have wild fading, yellow and other troubles, blooming fabric to form a sense of folds, cup decoration along the circle of flowers, enriched the overall The sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional, more concentrated chest line visual effects.

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Aramid Trousers

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