How to match the early autumn fashion What is popular in this fall fashion

Autumn weather so that you feel the slightest cool, fall girls should also pay more attention to keep warm, cold, very difficult to recover Oh, then in this chaos dressing season, how the mix and stylish and very temperament it quickly hurry With Xiaobian learn the tide of the current Han Fan costumes with tips, learn together about it.


(Source: Li Si International 2013 autumn new product)

Thread printed stitching on a black chiffon skirt, set against the backdrop of the black tone presents a unique temperament. In the early autumn season, with a beige cardigan, to do a warm and stylish compatibility, is a good choice Oh.

初秋怎么搭配才时髦 今年秋季时装在流行什么

(Source: Li Si International 2013 autumn new product)

The light-colored straight skirt as a ride inside, outside the ride orange striped jacket. Knit material and irregular tailoring to tighten the belt, making the entire shape will not be too messy. More a high street style.

Double-Deck Items