Girlfriend natal birthday to send girlfriends birthday to send red underwear suit okay

Happy birthday girl, but also Benmingnian, although do not want to send sent to do so much trouble, but still could not help but want to secretly choose a gift for her, to express their full wishes. But what to choose? Xiaobian feel better to send it underwear , but also to red underwear Oh, New Year plus Benniannian, red that is excellent. Rush to pick style.


Woman, always want your own curve looks more obvious, more full, if you are not sure, then choose a 5/8 cup with a point adjustment function style is definitely not wrong Oh. Because this style of cup can be a good chest fat will be wrapped up, and its side than the average width of the bra, the armpit fat and milk can be more effectively provoked into the cup, high chicken heart bit too High chest line, so that the chest curve looks more rounded full, matched with a series of red underwear, is definitely the best gift to choose from.

闺蜜本命年生日送什么 闺蜜生日送红色内衣套装好吗

Or such a pink series, but also highlight the sense of young, it will not be as loud as the red eye. White bottom cup covered with a layer of semi-transparent lace fabric, and dot patterns full of the entire bra, times brisk, playful feel. Full cup style do not have to worry about will not wear after buying. Lace lace as well as chicken heart ribbon bow decoration to add sexy taste. However, it should be noted that, still have to master the girlfriends bust size in advance Oh, in order to buy suitable for her underwear.

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