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Finity Finidi Women: Purple has always given a mysterious and feminine nature, Pantone officially announced the 2014 representative Radiant Orchid, which is orchid purple, this purple compared to the past purple into a few peach, representative Elegant and beautiful, with love and health messages, inspire self-confidence and pleasure.

Purple has always given people a mysterious and feminine nature. Pantone officially announced the 2014 Radiant Orchid, which is also known as the orchid purple. This purple is a little more than the past purple, which represents elegance and beauty. With love and health information, inspire self-confidence and full of pleasure.

Purple pride is so tempting and unforgettable. Retro-graded cashew flowers are used in dresses and sweaters, while high-grade beading is attached to the collar of a dress or coat in a pure hand-made manner. A large area of ​​leopard and color stitching sexy tension with minimalist dresses and fabrics, without losing elegance.


[Falls for autumn/winter 2014 are now available in the market, please refer to each store.]

Simplicity is the essence of beauty, and you will always be immersed in the perfect presentation of your own. Let FINITY accompany you to shine together and share the exquisite, elegant, and agile taste of life.

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