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Rui Qi's mother not only brought her neighbors into the fish circle, but also brought her good friends, colleagues and neighbors into the fish circle. The children around her relatives and friends were also young. The loyal customers of the fish.

When she was in contact with Rui Qi’s mother, Rui Qi’s mother heard our “fashionable fish” to do the visit. It was particularly gracious. During the Yingying smile we saw how much Rui Qi’s mother liked fashion fish. Rui Qi's mother told us that when she and her baby first contacted the brand of fashion fish, Rui Qi was less than three years old. As a child model advertising actor, small babies often need to participate in catwalk shows. She always Need a lot of stylish and outstanding clothes, which also let Ruiqi mother to find a good number of children's clothing store, "hairpin" for a long time.

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However, when Rui Qi's mother discovered a lot of trendy clothes at the fashion fish counter on the sixth floor of Gangding Modern Department Store in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, she was out of control. Rui Qi's mother said that many other brands of children's clothing will be sized and shaped. Some are out of the way, but children like Reich who need to perform often, the closeness of the clothes and the degree of fashion are the primary conditions for choosing clothes. In the clothes of fashionable fish, Rui Qi's mother discovered that Rui Qi wore each time "just good", fit, comfortable, still very fluent, and even relatives and neighbors are very good. Why did Qi Qi wear each piece of clothes she wore? So beautiful, because she likes to wear small fish, Rui Qi mother not only brought her neighbors into the fashion circle of small fish, but also brought her good friends, colleagues, and neighbors into the fish circle of fashion. The children of many relatives and friends around her have become loyal customers. Rui Qi's mother often visits the fashion fish counter on the 6th floor of the 100th floor of Guangzhou Baihe, Guangzhou. She said, “The Purchasing Officer of the fashion fish counter is very enthusiastic. Every time there is a new one, she will call us and she will Help us to stay, really intimate and very touched!"
During her visit to Rui Qi's mother, we sensed her trust and dependence on fashionable fish from her frank and natural smile. Rui Qi’s mother shared with us and said: “Fashionable fish clothes are not only of good quality, but also have unique styles and fashion. As long as it is places where Rui Qi is wearing small fish clothes, there are always some mothers around asking if the clothes are from. Where to buy, constantly praise the clothes look good.Because Rui Qi usually attended more activities, often when the new season for the season to go to select a few sets of favorite fashion fish counters, she also particularly fond of fashion small fish city series And trendy clothes."
This year, Rui Qi also photographed summer, autumn and winter albums for fashion fish in 2013. This makes Rui Qi mother and her baby more fond of fashion fish. Rui Qi said that she loves fashion fish, because it gives Rui Qi confidence, happiness and beauty, we will also bring more good clothing to Rui Qi, let Rui Qi have a wonderful and beautiful fashion childhood.

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(Zhang Qi Rui Qi life photos)

Name: Zhang Hao Rui Qi
Date of birth: October 3, 2006 Age: 7 years Interests: Piano, catwalk, film and television commercials, print ads, and film and television dramas Birthplace: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province
Years: Year 1 Fashionable Fish: Since the two-year-old contact with fashion fish, it has been put down and has been pursued until now.

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