Fashion and keep warm and keep the whole winter

Every girl wants her to be eighteen years old, always young and beautiful, always full of youth and vitality. Not only the mentality is very important Oh! The so-called people rely on clothes, dress up is very important. Draw a thick makeup to wear mature sexy clothes, standing was mature taste. Well when wearing well-behaved clothes, naturally sweet and tender appearance of the tender. Mimu fashion by age and warm clothes hit, let you hold the entire winter.

米缪 - MiMU

Do not need to dress up with too beautiful colors, the selection of fresh and cool white can show the pure beauty of nature. Delicate warm lamb wool fabric, bringing great warmth. So what to wear inside? Eternal black and white with the classic trend. Black knit shirt coupled with Leggings and a pair of Oxford bare boots, ultra-high force grid!

时尚减龄又保暖 hold住整个冬季

Cold air struck, how can a less down jacket it? This lightweight black short paragraph down jacket, not pick the height, is definitely a small MM gospel. Inside take a handsome denim shirt, and high waist pants complement each other, filling the tall posture.

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