Etam Lingerie girls lingerie "snake demon" reddening their own lives

Dragon Year blink of an eye is over, snake MM are ready for your natal magic a ~ red underwear upper body, get rid of bad luck, happy to spend this year! Etam Lingerie for the life of the "snake demon" who have prepared underwear for different types of chest, Come and see it ~

艾格 - ETAM

Mesh cup surface embellished with velvet wave points, highlighted in chic chic personality, double-row wide back buckle design, fit the body curve, limited to reduce the long-wearing pain.

Etam Lingerie少女内衣  “蛇妖”本命年红起来

Delicate delicate flower embroidery patterns, soft lines to outline the perfect design, removable inserts to create a beautiful chest curve. Strap lace lace dress, sending a touch of a woman's fragrance

Etam Lingerie少女内衣  “蛇妖”本命年红起来

Chic sexy gathered bra, cup cover surface jacquard mesh material, sporadic beads scattered in them, contrast your elegant curve.

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