Down jacket what fabric bamboo charcoal fiber down jacket to subvert the traditional

Now there are new products on the market, you know? Beyond the cotton and down jackets of the indicators, more environmentally friendly, warmth stronger, more casual wash, how to wash how to wash! what is it then? That's right! Bamboo fiber is!

What is bamboo charcoal fiber? Bamboo fiber is the choice of bamboo, carbonized after the first made of carbon blocks, and then ground into powder, labeled bamboo charcoal machine through the machine, and then made bamboo charcoal yarn, cotton.

羽绒服什么面料好 竹炭纤维羽绒服颠覆传统

Six advantages of bamboo charcoal fiber:

Insulation performance than cotton and Down Jacket are better, through experiments that bamboo charcoal fiber temperature lower than the down jacket 2 ℃.

Just wash, do not be afraid to wash the deformation, do not be afraid to wash the discoloration, do not be afraid to wash the running silk, bamboo charcoal fiber will never!

Environmental protection, bamboo charcoal fiber is drawn from the growth of bamboo in nature, not man-made fibers, there will be no smell, down jacket will have disgusting duck hair flavor.

Finished product prices and finished products market fresh high, enough advantages will certainly be able to attract more consumers.

Shipping speed. Made more simple than down jacket, quality problems appear less.

As we all know, bamboo charcoal can absorb the car, indoor odor, use our clothes, the same deodorant, antibacterial function, no matter how to wash, and always maintain the original ecology of bamboo charcoal.

Disadvantages of bamboo charcoal fiber:

At present, bamboo charcoal fiber clothing due to the reasons for raw materials, can only do black, can not do white.

Due to various reasons, the amount of raw materials received restrictions.

Insulation performance, wear on the body will be hot.

Exclusive development and management of the entire industry, cotton-padded down jacket era has passed, and now is the era of cashmere coats and bamboo fiber clothing, an era has passed, will inevitably be replaced by new things! What are you waiting for?

Where to find bamboo fiber clothing?

Love card clothing heavy launch, scheduled for June 30, 2014 held in Hangzhou, 2014 winter conference.

【Conference Information】

Time: June 30, 2014

Address: Yuhang District of Hangzhou Qiao Si Xin Industrial Park, Xin Industrial Road, No. 4 Columbia Living Museum

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