Cotton maturation is not active immediately.

Cotton matures soon Since the natural conditions in the middle and late stages are suitable for the growth and development of cotton, the growth of cotton in various places is progressing rapidly. Cotton bolls have been reported in many cotton areas along the Yangtze River. In the face of the new cotton that will be listed on the market, the acquisition companies have not performed positively. In Yancheng, Jiangsu, there are not many owners or companies investing in repairing and refinancing cotton acquisition and processing facilities. Companies that do everything possible to raise funds are also clearly inferior to those in previous years, and there are fewer enterprises and farmers who are actively inquiring about market prices. Why is this happening?

The first is that the area of ​​cotton planting has been reduced year by year and the amount of acquisition and processing enterprises is in excess. The actual planting area of ​​cotton is less than expected and reported. After cotton grows and develops and is shaped, it can be seen in the traditional cotton area. It is difficult to see a large area of ​​cotton. In the past, the 100-acre and 1,000-mu cotton planting area was even less. . There are quite a few places where cotton is planted on the edge of the river and in the clear ridges of the river, and some cotton fields are also planted with other plants such as squash, sesame, and soybeans. In the past, large-scale cotton-planting plots in Jiangsu Dongtai and Dafeng have gradually been replaced by facilities and sheds. In the past, in the main cotton producing areas, cotton acquisition processing enterprises and equipment after the release of the cotton market have long been in a state of severe saturation. In the past few years, the cotton production area has slumped, and the market is exhausted, most acquisition and processing companies or adult closed. If you don't receive it or you don't receive it, you can't make ends meet. In such a situation of production and sales, acquisition companies and individuals have no hope of relying on collecting more cotton to make a fortune, and are more worried about whether they can receive enough seed cotton. Therefore, in the main cotton producing areas, some cotton enterprises or individual processing owners whose scale is not large, their strength is not strong, their processing facilities are not sophisticated, and whose management procedures do not meet the requirements of modern enterprise management are not very active in the acquisition and processing of cotton.

In terms of producers, the sale of cotton at the beginning of the period has become more and more watchful. Most farmers like to select cotton prices that can be recognized in the middle and late period of the sale, and most of them are sold to more familiar manufacturers or self-employed customers. The cotton approach also encourages companies and individuals engaged in cotton acquisition and processing to adjust the structure of raw material structures, strive to reduce acquisition costs, and reduce product production costs.

Second, it is difficult to grasp prices and markets. Although the policy of collecting and storing cotton is still implemented this year, not all cotton enterprises are eligible for participation in the main cotton-producing areas. Jiangsu Dafeng has no less than 200 large and small cotton enterprises that acquire, process and manage cotton. In 2012, only 9 enterprises were involved in the storage. The majority of the remaining enterprises became the “setters” of the 9 cotton enterprises, or played in small numbers. Operators. Although a large number of enterprises have acquired and processed cotton under the guidance of the collection and storage policies, the psychology of market trends is difficult to change after all. It is well known that the domestic cotton market is incompatible with the international cotton market, and the country is not likely to continue purchasing and stockpiling. The method of life “to lift” the cotton industry, all these information trends, are the market signals of cotton production and sales trend, and almost no cotton enterprise dares to buy pressure warehouses as it did several years ago, and expect to make a fortune in the future. According to the advice of a small number of cotton enterprises in Yancheng, because the price and market are difficult to grasp, there are a lot of companies that can do nothing now. Beside the lack of focus on quantity, the new cotton price trend this year is also very difficult to predict.

At present, there are almost no major changes in the prices of seed and lint, that is, 328 lints are publicly inspected to a factory price of 19,500 yuan per ton; 328 seed cottons are offered at a price of 4.50 yuan per pound. If the price of cotton vices still stays at a high level and this year's closing storage price is slightly higher than last year, the starting price of new cotton purchase prices this year should not be lower than 4.60-4.80 yuan/kg. However, how many companies can take the lead to collect cotton? From the point of view of corporate profitability, “weakening and not lifting” is the general mentality of acquiring processing enterprises. “Low is not to sell” is inevitably the attitude of the producers. In this way, the “tug-game” between purchase and sale will undoubtedly Now. The price of the cotton vice will be “right”, and in the unlikely event that the seed cotton turns around, the price of seed cotton will fall rapidly. Besides, what is the cotton market in the smooth operation? It is difficult to say whether the cotton market is turning left or right instead of the "receiving and storage" of the New Deal. This will cause companies that have invested heavily in acquisitions to bear heavy pressure, and it is learned that this is the current situation. Most small and medium-sized cotton enterprises take a wait-and-see attitude and are not in a hurry to vote for one of the main reasons for the acquisition and processing of cotton.

In addition to this, there are still many factors influencing the production and sales of cotton and the status quo. It is hoped that relevant departments will pay attention to it. The majority of cotton farmers should also pay attention to the market and sell the cotton in appropriate markets. Local governments involved in the production and sales of cotton must study feasible measures and implement them as soon as possible so as to effectively accomplish the acquisition and processing of new cotton this year.

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