Black and white - the magic of color with tips to create the latest fashion

Classic black and white is a very magical color. Enduring in the fashion industry, but also increasingly become the classic NO.1. In this way the two colors splicing, the woman can be created pure and moving, you can also shape the mature charming. Can be elegant, but also can be simple and casual. Whether in the workplace or the streets, are very decent.


White lace shirt, simple round neck, comfortable fabric, sleeve design exudes a hint of femininity. With wide-leg pants grid, very eye-catching, light trend. Striped skirt next to the skirt is also very light and soft. Thin waist design draws a charming curve, are very bright, simple and beautiful.

黑白—神奇的色彩搭配 小窍门打造时尚最新款

The left black flowers will be decorated with white dresses, the overall very harmonious, waist was thin, slender waist highlighted. With a bright color skirt 琏 will be more stylish Oh. Beside the dresses but revealed the elegant temperament, very charming. Light skirt, people's eyes firmly grasp the prison, with a sleeveless shirt looks very texture.

Picture from: Albatross Figg Women

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