Big eye frog children's clothing full of cool fashion charm

In the 1970s, with the rise of street fashion culture, street culture has been deeply spread to major cities in the world, especially New York, USA. In this fashion and culture in New York City, in 2006, the American fashion children's wear brand "Big-eyed Frog" shines in China, filling the cool charm of fashion and offering children a feast for children's wear. In recent years, big eye frog children's clothing with its unique cool street style and exquisite craftsmanship, by the Chinese children's clothing industry's widespread concern. (Street Fashion) Big Eye Frog Boys Theme 1: Street fashion walking in the streets, perhaps the noise of the city does not give you a trace of pleasure and shock, maybe you are looking for a soul-stirring pace. Walking in the streets of modern fashion, like a huge space stage. In the bustling buildings filled with science and technology and economy, mixed with urban-specific fashion, self-challenge is to follow the trend of the beat. Dynamic wave of shoes, cool retrograde skateboarding ... ... let the boys enjoy the fun of the streets. Stylish, full of temptation of the two words, mysterious and handsome cool (speed motorcycle) Big Eye Boy boy theme two: speed motorcycle different style, high morale, the dream in sight, the heart glow. Childish body, Mercedes-Benz in life on the runway. With a modern, trendy and commercially viable trend, Big-Eye Frogs focus on making clothes easy to wear and easy to match. Knit tops and lightweight nylon jacket with bright color embellishment, mixed material gas station shirt and ergonomic quilted jeans with great. Coating and old processing adds authenticity and layering. Big-eyed frog follow the trend of the United States based on the fashion design, the clever fusion of the unique oriental culture, creating a unique fashion brand taste for the present personality and publicity, fashion-conscious children. All along, the "big-eyed frog" to a more mature and better service and professional caring guidance for each franchisee, we are convinced: high-quality brand, professional and meticulous guidance support, mature supply system will be perfect for you The children's wear business to bring huge wealth returns, we are pursuing the brand's high value, your success is our best harvest!

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