Another city! Congratulations Ji'an Li signed Dan Beizi

Ji'an, is the birth of Luling culture of humanity so the county. The ancient city of Luling has a long history, Su Dongpo made a poem: "Towering City Guo Kuo, Luling half Suzhou." Here the culture of developed, with "three thousand Chinadocount Guan Hua Xia, article Yiyi heap floral" and world-famous.


Across thousands of miles, through thick history, Dan Beizi pure French elegance in this bright human lands blooming, the blend of Chinese and Western cultures, so that the land more dazzling.

[From France, bloom the ultimate health beauty]

Dan Beizi originated in France, harsh process began in 1997. Inherited the French design team European-style fashion, high-end positioning, innovative design art concept, pay more attention to the details of the design process, 3D tailoring, just like the skin, big steel ring design, full use of 3D upright cotton, redefined lingerie experience Height, but also to create a model of healthy underwear. Dan Beizi gifts and followers is not only a style, but also a refined elegant, vigorous life style. Dan Beizi underwear joined the official website:


[Full inspection net sign Dan Beizi]

After the market, Mr. Li knows, underwear is the last piece of the gold market in the apparel industry, customers have higher comfort requirements underwear, no matter how the spread of online shopping fire, and has not affected the physical store sales, after detailed market research, quality comparison , Lee finally decided to sign Dannet form of cooperation and, in this, thanks to Lee's trust in Dan Beizi, Dan Beizi will make every effort to help Lee made Dan Beizi local benchmarking brand!

Again, wish the total business of Lee is booming, ample resources!

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