Analysis of the decoration of large clothing store Raiders

Analysis of the decoration of large clothing store Raiders
â—† Large space for large clothing store
The citadium in Paris's Osman Boulevard, and the burton, the mango in the forum des halles, the andaska in becy, the diesel in Tokyo, the kooka and miu miu on the left bank of the Seine, the etam on the rivoi street, etc. For the call. Not only the actual area of ​​clothing stores is large, but also a variety of space plans are used to make consumers feel a sense of spaciousness. For example, the citadium has a wide entrance space, and two sets of transparent escalators with internal components can be set; kooka□bmango and other clothing stores emphasize the ease of movement of consumers, and there are no cases where h&m clothes are crowded. However, under this wave of space, the profit per square meter of each store is greatly reduced.
â—† The design of popular clothing stores, colors are the main soul of the clothing store, and the minimalist style has become a retreat.
Over the past year or so, the two major trends of clothing stores, in addition to the large flagship clothing store opened one after another, is the return of color to the clothing store, replacing the popular minimalist style for many years. Today's clothing storefront design emphasizes on the bright color, the wide space, and the planning of leisure space and dynamic facilities. At the same time, posters and video screens are also full of them. As for the shape of the furniture, the quality of the materials, and the display of goods, there is little innovation.
Whether it is a popular store or a luxury boutique, it is almost impossible to resist this trend of color, as a plastic shop.
One of the brand style tactics. For example, Japan's comme des garcons use Dahong as its main color in the decoration of the rue du faubourg-saint-honor? clothing store on Paris's famous shopping street; the morgan flagship store on Shannon Avenue also has a big red ceiling; energie stores each The use of bright red and yellow and pink. Mandarina duck's clothing store has a yellow and light blue design; celio sport is based on orange.
â—† comfortable shopping environment
In addition to the spacious shopping space, each store has also added comfortable and casual furniture. For example, kenzo in soho district of new york, hugo boss of citron circle in Paris, and 1.2.3. in rivoli street. Although kiabi has not yet officially set up a large sofa in the center of the clothing store, the comfort zone in the try-on area and the use of soft colors have added to the comfort of shopping.
â—† Style of clothing store furniture and merchandise display
Furniture and merchandise display is based on the past, but it has the following two styles:
(1) Square metal furniture, glass, such as we, burton, okaidi, etc., are more stable in style, and mainly men's clothing store.
(2) White logs or plastic furniture, often sleek design, such as energie, etam, andre, strong sense of popular, and mostly women's clothing boutiques.
â—† A large number of images
The use of various images in clothing stores is increasing, from simple posters to complex moving image screens, all set in stores or in showcases. As for how much, how to configure, each store has its own opinion. Taking the l'eclaireur homme designer store as an example, a large wall is used as an exhibition of images, showing a uniquely sensual atmosphere.

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