A success story! Warm congratulations to women's era women's wear adds three new stores

A success story has been repeated. On the weekend of the weekend, women's era brand women's wear added three new stores! They are Fujian Putian Store, Guangxi Hechi Store, and Yunnan Puxi Store. “After the customer visited the company, they expressed their recognition and support for the brand and clothing of the ladies’ era.” The colleague in charge of the marketing development department said that it is worthwhile to obtain the customer's approval and give up the weekend break.

good news! ! This month's time to join the ladies, not only is the entire 100% exchange of goods, but also will enjoy a new discount - shelf support policy! True zero inventory, so you can really shop worry! Join the hotline 400-800-1638.

With the development of the brand, more and more people are joining the ladies' era team. During the ladies' era, we insisted on “fast fashion” Korean women’s “more styles, faster updates, and higher prices”. For the purpose of pursuing "serving customers", we are striving to create "China's most competitive ladies' brand".

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