A, B, C, D which cup is the best for you?

A, B, C, D which cup is the best for you? S, M, L in the end which Size perfect set off you? Good healthy body, from the election on a good underwear! Women want to be better for themselves, to make their own beauty, women's choice, as long as the right, not expensive.


If your chest is plump, then 1/2 of the cup is definitely your best choice to show the sexy cup, breasts half exposed, rounded and full, crisp and powerful, elegant lace, cute bow decorated chicken heart, enjoy your release Female charm.

A、B、C、D 到底哪个Cup才最适合你?

Exquisite and comfortable lifestyle and perfect curve are the instinctive pursuit of individuality and urban women. Underwear is the secret weapon for achieving the bumpiness of women. To make the most of your beauty, you must carefully select each underwear. (Source: Kai Shi Fen brand underwear )

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